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The island of Lipsi
Lipsi is a group of eastern Aegean Sea islands between Patmos and Leros, with 698 inhabitants (as per census of 2001).

Principal island, from which has derived the name of such group of islands, is situated, as we have already mentioned, between Patmos and Leros and a little eastwards of the imaginary straight line that joins them, in the northern Dodecanese.

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Lipsi is a group of small islands including the islets of Aspronissia, Kalapodia, Frango, Plavi and other small islets of an overall surface of 23 square kilometres. The surface of the principal island called Leipso totals 16 square kilometres with a 35 kilometres coast development.

The island is small and it can be easily walked on foot. In the island there is a taxi service and a bus. In Lipsi there are a few beautiful sandy seashores such as Platys Gyalos, Tourkomnima and Hohlakoura. In the small natural harbor is situated Hora with its small white houses, taverns, cafeterias and restaurants, and a branch of the National Bank of Greece.

Lipsi is coastally linked to Piraeus and the other islands of the Dodecanese. The built-up-area of Lipsi is situated almost in the middle of the island, at the bottom of the homonymous leeward gulf. Lipsi is an ideal place for who wishes to have still vacations far away from urban areas, to enjoy sun, sea and the companionship of simple people.

The seashores of Lipsi are famous for their limpid crystal-clear waters. In the island you will find sandy and shingly seashores. Near the harbor you will find the sandy shores of Liedou and Kyra-Vassilaina. To the south of the harbor is situated the bay of Katsadia, with the shingly shore and, next to it, the Hahlakoura beach. Monodendri is the favorite shore of the nudists, while the beach of Platys Gyalos, with the white sand and deep blue waters, is one of the most beautiful seashores of the island.

It is worth attending the wine festival which is organized on an annual basis by the end of the summer. You will have the opportunity to participate in a traditional feast and drink plenty of local wine.


Taxi, bus, and rental bikes. Beaches: Chochlakoura, Katsadia, Platis Gialos, Papandria, Tourkomnima, Liendou, Monodentri, and other. Bank ALPHA BANK